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  • What are prebiotics?

    Prebiotics are functional food ingredients that beneficially affect the host by stimulating the growth and activity of bacteria in the digestive tract to improve the host’s health.

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  • What causes lower levels of good bacteria?

    The following factors can lower the level of good bacteria:

    • Stress
    • Natural Aging
    • Antibiotics
    • Lack of Sleep
    • Chemotherapy
    • Radiation (x-rays)
    • Alcohol Consumption
    • Poor diet
    • Pollution
    • Constipation – Diarrhea


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  • Where can I buy Astro Yogourt?

    Astro Yogourt is sold by most major grocery retailers across Canada

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  • Which Astro products are kosher?

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  • Sometimes when I open my yogourt there is liquid on top, what is this?

    The liquid sometimes found on top of yogourt is whey. Whey is a protein naturally found in milk. When the yogourt curd forms, sometimes it is squeezed out and floats to the top. It is of excellent nutritional value. If you would like to maximize your protein intake from yogourt, then do not discard, just mix back into the yogourt.

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  • Is it okay to eat yogourt after the best before date?

    We do not recommend consuming any product after it has expired. Shelf life and sensory studies are done on all products. It is these studies that define what we believe to be the date for optimal freshness of the product. Be sure to check the package for the best before date.

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  • Does Astro have gelatin-free products?

    Yes, many of Astro’s products are gelatin-free including:

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  • What are the Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards™?

    The Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards™ is a Canadian Council Grocery Distributors consumer-focused annual awards program which celebrates advancement and excellence in new food distribution industry products to further encourage manufacturer innovation and to profile continued value to consumers.

    The competition is judged by a cross-section of consumers, food editors, journals, advertising executives, packaging designers and other Canadians. The selection of winning products will be entrusted to a panel of jury members and the evaluation is based on several criteria, including presentation and packaging, product attributes, innovation and originality and overall value to the consumer. Only the very best products are selected as Finalists and Winners.

    Many Astro products have been honoured by the Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards over the past years, including:

    2009 Finalist, Food and Beverage – Astro Original Organics
    2008 Finalist, Food and Beverage – Astro BioBest Vitalité
    2008 Finalist, Food and Beverage – Astro BioBest Smoothie
    2008 Finalist, Food and Beverage – Astro BioBest Maximmunité

    Grand Prix 2008

    You can learn more about the Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards™ at

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  • What are the Best New Product Awards?

    The Best New Product Awards is an annual awards program focusing on everyday consumer packaged goods products in the food, personal care and household care categories. Winners are selected based on voting by over 25,000 real Canadian consumers from coast-to-coast who participate in the annual independent market research survey conducted by BrandSpark International.

    In order to win a Best New Product Award, the product must be appealing and people who have tried the product must be prepared to purchase it again. In their own words, consumers tell us what they liked best about each winning product. It’s like a recommendation from a family member or friend.

    Many Astro products have won Best New Product awards over the past years, including:

    2010 Best New Beverage – Astro BioBest Maximmunité
    2010 Best New Yogourt – Astro Zer0 Superfruit
    2010 Best in Food & Beverage – Astro Zer0 Superfruit
    2010 Best in Show – Astro Zer0 Superfruit
    2009 Best New Dairy Snack – Astro BioBest Vitalité
    2009 Best New Beverage – Astro BioBest Smoothie
    2007 Best New Yogourt – Astro BioBest Omega 3

    Canadian Living 2007 Canadian Living 2009 Canadian Living 2010

    You can learn more about the Best New Product Awards and the winners at

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  • Why does my yogourt say “Watch for pits”?

    Pertaining to fruit stems and peach pits: The natural goodness of fruit in yogourt is enjoyed by many Canadians.

    All fruits are grown from the earth. At Parmalat Canada we source our fruit from the best fruit suppliers who in turn source fruit from orchards that have implemented the best agricultural practices, and in particular those related to food safety.

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  • What are probiotics?

    The World Health Organization (WHO) defines probiotics as ““live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit*” There are many different probiotics on the market.

    These good bacteria, like many probiotic bacteria, stay live and active in the passage through acidic environment of stomach, survive the effect of bile salt, and establish transient colonization of the GI tract.

    Many factors including age, lack of sleep or exercise, poor diet and stress may weaken the beneficial bacteria in our system and therefore make us more vulnerable to sickness.

    *Taken from the Guide to Food Labelling & Advertising in Canada.

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